Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nobilo rosso, Nobilo bianco (from NZ)

It's rare to stumble on the same producer of 2 different varieties in the same week.
We drunk Nobile Sauvignon Blanc 2003 and Nobile Icon Pinot Noir 2002 the second week of December. One in Saint Lucia, one in New York.

They are both classic examples of what New Zealand can offer but are both better than the average Pinot and Sauvignon made by Kiwis.
This Pinot has more texture than your average Marlborough softening the mouthfeel and adding a welcomed chewiness.
The Sauvignon Blanc had two characteristics; the asparagus flavor and minerality. Asparagus is always a given in New Zealand but the lack of minerality makes them less interesting than Sancerre or Pouilly Fume. Nobilo found a terroir and this is good news for fine Sauvignon in New Zealand.