Monday, August 22, 2005

Kristin is pushing (Beau)Jolais

I met Kristin at Crush Wine. She signed up with my sake tasting group mentioning she was working at the retailer. She also has a great blog
Really wished I had written the article about Washington State and the phenolic ripeness. Damned, they are one step ahead.

After a tasting of 'inoffensive' wines, her face lit up about the Cote de Py, Morgon 2002. That's a good sign. Who need RP when you trust your local wine chick ?

It's a Beaujolais who belong to the cru. Yes there are crus in Beaujolais but it's a tough sell since Duboeuf killed the appellation with the Nouveau. Did you see the new commercial?
"license to chill'. I only chill Virginian wines. More on this next week...

Cote de Py is one of the 6 subregions of Morgon (one of the 10 Beaujolais Cru). Easy to recognize, the vines are growing on an hill with a single tree at the top. The roots of the wine are growing deep in volcanic sediment and the wine has structure and aromas.

Color light garnet with a brown tinge.
This wine is an oxymoron of flavors. The oak is green, the chocolate is bittersweet and the licorice flavor coats some vegetal aromas.
The attack is acidic but the finish is long on blackberry and lead pencil.
Overall an astonishing wine for it's opposite characteristics.

Thank you Kristin, I will come back.